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QR codes are traditionally black and white and rather mundane, but they are actually very versatile. In some cases, upwards of 25-30% of the QR code image can be blocked, and the code will still be scannable. This means businesses can get creative with their designs, and make their codes more attractive. A more attractive code is a code that yearns to be scanned! Check out a few cool examples below. However, keep in mind that the more a QR code is distorted, the harder it will be for others to scan it.

When you mail the conventional postcards, people throw them in the trash, and this happens in most of the cases. When you apply QR codes on postcards, the codes grab their attention and arouse curiosity, unlike when the whole information is pasted on the postcard. The best attention grabber is to offer an exclusive deal if they scan your code.

Continuing Apple’s focus on redesign and simplification in iOS 7, the Stocks app (available on the iPhone and iPod touch only) gets a new mostly black interface, with white text and red and green highlights.

Timer The Timer tab is virtually unchanged aside from its overall design, but, like the Alarm tab, it has a new lock screen action. Set a timer via Siri or via the Clock app, and then lock your phone, and that timer displays and counts down on the lock screen.

The Weather app has a few new tricks up its sleeve in iOS 7, though it’s still only available for the iPhone and iPod touch. At first glance, the most obvious change is the animated photo backgrounds reflecting the weather conditions of whatever city you’re looking at. Apple has also revamped the way Weather presents information and how much data it makes available.

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